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A ramshackle list of by no means exhaustive or definitive links to resources that may or may not be of use, compiled sans rancune on my part. I have no clear idea as to which people or contacts featured are still on speaking terms with me. #biggerfishtofry.com


Young, Dumb and a Bit Shakey. An Under 40’s Parkinson’s Support Group

Description: Hi, I am 33 and am based in Australia. Frustration drove me to start this group. I was 31 when I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. I had symptoms since I was at least 16. I was astounded by the general lack of support and knowledge within the medical community and allied health services.

I get sick of old people complaining about how bad their life is on all the other online support groups so, here we go. I’ve started something. I want this to be a place of kindness and understanding. Talk about problems you’re facing but, don’t dwell on them. I want people to look for positives and laugh. Because if you don’t laugh you cry. xxx

P.S: Sorry about the photo.

Kathleen Kiddo

Parkinson’s nsw