Parkinson's pilgrims

Curating some resources for early onset Parkos, hopefully someone may benefit from this. For instance, it was only after my marriage was well and truly in tatters – with the chemical influence, while not the sole element in our breakup, certainly instrumental in delivering the coup de grace – that my specialist informed us of this potentially disastrous side effect.

“Oh, yes… that’s right, that could well happen.”

There’s no getting away from one’s own accountability, but it might just have been helpful knowing what to expect before starting on the PD medications.

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Personally, I have found nudism to be a rare saving grace while dealing with this horrendous visitation. Funnily enough, I discovered the pure joy of being starkers in creation sort of at the same time as that earth-shattering diagnosis.

It’s only those fleeting moments when submerged in the amazingly pure rivers, streams and seas surrounding this amazing country that I sort of feel free and – even for a moment – I can almost, just almost forget my cumbersome frame.


Last year, I joined the unclad throng raising funds for the good work of brain surgeon  Charlie Teo during the long established Sydney Skinny event, and was pleased to see so many people enjoying the thrill of baring all just for a few moments as well as the good cheer of joining in for a worthwhile cause. 2019_Sydney_Skinny_Logo_Master_CMYK

I thought at the time, something similar might be good for Parkinson’s NSW. Little Congwong Beach at La Perouse might be a good venue as it’s much more accessible than the location of the Charlie Teo event. We could call it Starkers for Parkers..

I’m certainly no rebel or trailblazer but unfortunately, Australian mores seem to be quite far out of whack with its famous irreverent love of freedom when it comes to nudism. There are only a handful true clothing optional beaches, nude yoga is virtually unheard of, and unless you’re into playing volleyball in socks and sandals behind barbed wire, you’re on your own as a keen nudist.

I do believe that nude bathing – particularly nude swimming in pure, clean water can greatly benefit PD sufferers. I also think nude Tai Chi can have a place in the serious minded PD sufferer’s exercise routine. I’ve launched a nascent channel here which hopefully over time may prove to be something others can use. (DISCLAIMER the content – while showing nudity – is in no way meant to convey any sensation of a lurid or nefarious nature. WARNING content contains nudity for strictly therapeutic/exercise purposes). Any serious help or tips for improving the production standards etc. would be most helpful. You will need to turn up the volume to hear the instructor’s directions.