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Ocean View readies for post pandemic launch of new outdoor dining deck

wp-15872756515036046206742646078833.jpgThe much loved Ocean View cafe at the Wamberal Surf Life Savers club has announced plans to launch a new state of the art al fresco dining area the moment Australia and the Central Coast dining aficionados can sigh a tentative sigh of relief in the wake of the global virus mayhem and once restrictions start easing.

Manager Omar told the Wamberal Warrior he viewed the cafe’s future with plenty of optimism. “In fact I believe it will be great for Wamberal and the club,” he added, brimming with upbeat confidence.

He also confirmed further details will be released shortly, before adding, “So, was that chicken or plain salt?”

“Plain salt, Omar. Always plain salt. Thanks.”

Scoop McShakey for the Wamberal Warrior

Wamberal Ocean View Cafe, Address: 1 Dover Rd, Wamberal NSW 2260
Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 8PM Hours or services may differ
Phone: (02) 4385 8841


Don’t forget to welcome those brave new ventures, that means you (and me) you long-haired hermit freaks!

The Barber Space 2/82a (?) Ocean View Drive Wamberal NSW 2260

Seriously, looks like a beautiful haven for the hirsute gent.

Of course, while you’re there re-styling your latest Darlo Ned Kelly beardy look, you might as well pick up a pick-me-up in the shape of some outstanding coffee or brekkie or lunch treat at Sal & Co… (not exactly new kids on the block but an extra plug never goes astray)

Sal & Co. Shop 1/82A Ocean View Dr, Wamberal NSW 2260 Hours:  Open ⋅ Closes 2:30PM
Menu: Phone: (02) 4339 8960