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Now is the time! I will be trying to contact Prof Teo myself, and also Mosman Council I suppose. Any mature – as in helpful – suggestions will be greatly received. I have had some clear ideas for this type of fun(d)raising ploy for some time.. Let’s see if we can make this happen, and put PD and especially YOPD on the map.

After all, those of us who got that mandatory membership to YOPD in the mail have so much left to contend with, even simply in the number of years to fill before we shuffle off this mortal coil. Say no to pipe and slippers land and do not go gently into that forced invisibility. Be a part of something bigger than our own cares and troubles, and let’s face it – as foes go – this devious creep I like to call Bloody Mr Parkinson’s is as big as they come.

This week, in addition to Prof Teo, I shall reach out to Prof Simon Lewis, Dr Skulina at Macquarie University Private Hospital (I’ll be far too busy organising this caper to settle down and pen that piece on Sifrol anyway .. ), the PD clinic at Concord Hospital, some local news contacts (yeah baby!) and… Parkinson’s NSW.

My only fear is for that odd undercurrent of stilted conservatism to rear its head, that shyness which is sometimes quite discernable in this glorious rough and ready, freedom-loving larrikin Good on ya, Champ paradise of sorts we have here. And that’s me, a conservative from way back saying this. But then, I like to emphasise the libertarian – freedom of the individual – element of the true blue attitude as well. So come on, Parkinson’s NSW. Let’s get cracking, we might as well, right?

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