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Looking back, is it a good idea?




Diagnosis 2016 – Professor Simon Lewis

Had a bit of a bluey with him regarding some of his ‘interesting’ clinical approaches, but I will give him credit for taking only a 20 minute chat at the Woolcock Institute (with the door open and staff, clients and visitors piling past as if it were peak hour on Piccadilly Circus, “So, how have your bowel movements been lately?” “And sexually, you’re able to perform?”) to hand down my diagnosis.

At least I was now able to drive home to my wife to break the frankly unsurprising news.

Well, that is after having cried hot strange tears for about half an hour in my car by myself. (Yes, that’s why I prefer to have fast cars with tinted windows ..)

He was, I believe, the third or fourth neurologist I’d seen by then. And, as my lovely PD Nurse G. remarked just recently: ‘He is sort of our PD standard bearer, in a way. He’s an authority and who we have working for us on the international stage.’

Water under the bridge et cetera. In fact, once again, he would be the kind of person I’d generally enjoy talking with as I do understand that kind of cerebral focus, drive and excellence. And, he was the first of many to launch this one, “Richard, I feel you’re going to be a bit of a challenge.”

Prophetic words indeed..