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I find myself on the cusp of yet another steep hill to climb, with new ideas to combine my experience in technology and telecoms publishing with my plan to focus more on how tech and telco can actually really help people who struggle with infirmity, disease or aged-related impairments.

My interest in this field, I think, predated my PD decline when covering the annual Telstra tech event in Melbourne. The event was opened by Jessica Irwin, a lovely young lady whose dream of becoming a musician was cut short by cerebral palsy.

Telstra, Australia’s major telco, had been supporting a startup which specialised in designing software to enable people who don’t have the use of their limbs to carry out advanced tasks. Such as playing an instrument, just by moving your eyes.

This software allowed Jessica to appear on stage with her rock idol and join in with the band. This kind of story – where tech meets human need – is what I’m talking about.

From that point of view, I feel we are the generation who will not just have seen the first cats playing piano memes, but we will also witness huge strides in this digital health area.

It’s all still early days but I have some hope I may be able to contribute my waning talents and efforts to – at least – highlight some of these exciting stories. Part of this direction, is Digital Health Monitor which will have a strong Parkinson’s Disease focus as well.

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