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Due to an unexpectedly rapidly deteriorating of R. van der Draay’s condition, DHM regrets the decision to at least delay any scheduled or mooted significant moves, investment consultations and the need to avoid any aspect of the editor’s dream to leave behind something of note behind along the lines of showcasing promising developments in the fields of telco and tech,

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My Kingdom for a DVD region hack

Quick update on the old hot turkey process (getting on a first name basis with M. Adopar, Maddie Par O, Mad Opa – suggestions welcome, no really!). Caused a bit of a stir at the local surgery this morning, bless them.. My whole life I’ve been telling people, ‘Don’t assume anything about me’. I was getting desperate with the near-constant

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Why I will never, ever stop loving women full stop

Whenever I start on this most familiar trait of my mental make-up, I can see the assorted eyebrows of – even some very near and dear – gals within my inner circle preparing for lift-off. And, while my chequered recent past would certainly merit such apprehension, I assure you one and all, my motives in providing this latest update could

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