Smugness is as smugness does

Travelling around Europe about six years ago as a devastatingly awkward 18 or 19yr old, I enjoyed people everywhere saying, "Ah! Holland. Cruyff!" Over the years this turned into, "Ah, Holland. Van Basten, Gullit!" Somehow it never became, "Ah, Holland. Van de Kerkhof!" For me, the Boy from Watergraafsmeer will remain the best ever, no … Continue reading Smugness is as smugness does

That Bridge too far

I know there are very disturbing headlines one could focus on right now, in places very near and dear to me. And mind you, just now I thought of having a look at the doom and gloom on Sky News, and of course there was nothing on apart from sports, followed by some sports, and … Continue reading That Bridge too far

Rest in peace, the Kogarah Kid

In the end, he never made it back to his beloved Sydney. Clive James, passed away at the age of 80 after a huge battle with cancer. So sad .. Some people just get under your skin and into your heart. He was I suppose part of that intellectual Australian exodus during the 60s, which … Continue reading Rest in peace, the Kogarah Kid