Turn up for the books

I think this marked the start of this new year for me. Although, just now at the newsagent’s I saw some chocolate bunny rabbits, then realised it’s March already with Easter looming large… I am still catching my breath from the holiday season and NYE for crying out loud….

Ignorance or the mind at rest can be bliss and then some

It’s true. Sometimes for a split second, I forget it too. Perhaps I should try to re-connect with Heather in the New Year following our near-miss  meeting in San Francisco last year when I was in Silicon Valley for a telco conference and Heather was battling pre-speaking tour travelling logistics involving, among other things, infestationsContinue reading “Ignorance or the mind at rest can be bliss and then some”

A tale of some cities

Just now, carefully going about my business, I picked up on quite a bit of tension in the atmosphere .. that nervous pre-public holiday kind of mild panic. I just counted my blessings that at least, small mercies indeed, I didn’t have to drag Mr Madopar into a huge shopping mall. I don’t think heContinue reading “A tale of some cities”

Honi Soit and all that jazz

Amazingly, Jessa’s been banned from yet another platform. That’s a frighting development which I want to spend some time on soon. It’s so unhealthy that the people who can’t or won’t make a distinction between the nude form and any sexual connotations – either sound or lurid – are entitled to condemn out of handContinue reading “Honi Soit and all that jazz”

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