A mere breather, dear reader

Taking a break from the more creative, imaginative scribblings and spending so much time online. After all, the website contains so many other unfinished projects, and time  – alas – is not on my side. Looks like another supremely challenging week at any rate .. + + Easy as ..   ++    

The Ricardian Rule, a mixed bag of Lord knows what

Love the story of how St. Francis took shelter from a sudden storm in a little ramshackle fallen-down country chapel, as he was winding his way happily walking through the fields of Tuscany (I’m assuming Assisi is in that part of Italy), doubtless talking to the assembled birds and creepy crawlies in their own animalContinue reading “The Ricardian Rule, a mixed bag of Lord knows what”

Penniless in Paradise

Not much energy to wield the old keyboard for too long but felt I just needed to pinpoint some hopeful glimmerings starting to appear in-between the ups and downs of the turmoil and pressure-cooker extravaganza that passes for my sojourn in this particular incarnation. First thing today I caught up with some dear friends atContinue reading “Penniless in Paradise”

Tightrope act of a nude paranoid, reluctant chess player

Will try to illustrate – am so tired of the never-ending explanation marathon – some key dynamics of my daily life atm as I once again try to get onto my knees, and then ever so slowly try to start walking again – all the while of course longing to run up the dunes inContinue reading “Tightrope act of a nude paranoid, reluctant chess player”


UPDATE: Little did I know I’d used all my vulpine trickery to pre-emptively pull the strings of the well-intentioned but hopelessly clueless hard-working staff *) at the Anti-Sanctuary**) from which I had barely escaped with my life, only to find upon arrival in my once-secure private Wavertonian retreat, that the NDIS application submitted a coupleContinue reading “KING OF THE MOUNT SHUFFLES FREE”

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