Such sweet sorrow .. As the world turns on its axes, with most civilians scrambling to put together their lives again in some way now the CoRvid19 phase seems to be slowly ending, my lovely one too is working full pelt again and her own life’s responsibilities will, of course, be making more demands onContinue reading “ADIEU TO THE APPLE OF MY EYE”

Fleeting joy, so momentary

Forever and a Dream to my Butterfly Princess + The sheerest of dreams became so real,  A shiver cold did strike my heart. ‘Knew life, God, love would see us part, Adrift once more to merely dream –   – what gossamer bliss might yet have been.   And as she readies to spread herContinue reading “Fleeting joy, so momentary”

A resplendent day of unforeseen magic

Thankful, breathing easy in the knowledge that we are not alone. By any means .. Today, I received a most invigorating, intoxicating yet ultimately uplifting and inspirational message, the eventual outcome of which has yet to be fully unveiled. But what a feeling to be back in alignment with what I’d thought I’d lost. OrContinue reading “A resplendent day of unforeseen magic”

Kubla Khan

In a bid to keep training my voice until such time as a speech therapist may be engaged, every now and then I will inflict the odd reading of something or other on you, long-suffering reader. Of course you already know you can find my regular poetry readings here. Today’s offering is by that infamousContinue reading “Kubla Khan”

Inventory Blues

A ghost, a shell A left over half-memory of what –  on earth –  I might have been. Burning bridges while I stride, Leaving those around me, pre-emptive strikes. Lest they, like me, find out too soon Once again, a wager lost. Trust placed in me – a darkened horse. What crazy odds.. Could’ve stayedContinue reading “Inventory Blues”

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