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Who cares? Well, plenty of peeps

Following the demise of yet another valiant attempt by my intrepid PD medical support team to dream up some labyrinthine cocktail of L-Dopa and assorted agonists that could offer muggins the semblance of a baseline quality of life, it was back to the drawing board again yesterday as my specialist explained some of the remaining chemical pathways on offer. While

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Madopar, this is where we part ways

Well, as I told my specialist only a few weeks ago, my previous experiences with this popular PD medication which multitudes of People with Parkinson’s respond well to by all accounts, have been ‘Dante-esk’ to put it mildly. ‘A classical reference for me to start the week off with, Richard?’ he answered with a thankful smile. Yes, it’s been truly

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Having myself a merry little grab for Lebensraum

Just preparing the cave for a summer hibernation. Pls don’t be offended if I am incommunicado. Will need to make a lot of changes, e.g. might kill off the site as it’s going nowhere fast and I don’t have time to take my time. A project such as this needs exposure, feedback and interaction. With the only feedback ever to

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