Long and bloody winding road

Too much to ask for, somehow? What was he thinking, giving his all for a chance to live a few more years in relative comfort? And I love this one, 'It's far too expensive for you, too large anyway.' Suppose following that logic, the minute I was diagnosed - five years ago - I should … Continue reading Long and bloody winding road

Near-Miss Cross Roads

I am sure most of my friends and family remember me pestering them to watch Heather's startlingly informative and elegant video A Mountain at my Gate .. .. and how it inspired me to try and look beyond my own diagnosis, believing I too might yet have some goals left to achieve, albeit of course … Continue reading Near-Miss Cross Roads

Here’s to happy coincidences

Went for nice walk to Downtown Wamberal, picked up PO Box items, popped into the Newsagents Extraordinaire ('This time next year we'll be millionaires', lamented with A. about the drought of any really good Indian restaurants here and together we shed a tear thinking about the last Brummy Balty we had in the Old Country. … Continue reading Here’s to happy coincidences