Hot Turkey

I remember a fellow PD traveller once enjoying my turn of phrase in describing my struggle with getting onto some heavy duty PD dope. I too remember those heady days, and sadly at times feel not much has changed. I mean, I am forever grateful for new friends, lovely neighbours, supporting locals et cetera. ButContinue reading “Hot Turkey”

No pasa nada

A close female friend – exasperated by some boorish behaviour on the part of perhaps one of our less enlightened brethren – asked me a few years ago why some/most/all men seem so preoccupied with the allure of all things feminine. [ I am paraphrasing ..] I can’t speak for anyone else. I do remember,Continue reading “No pasa nada”

Serendipity & Serenity

Two beautiful sounding words .. could they be girls’ names? I remember once, in a Sainsbury’s in Kingswood, Bristol hearing a mum call out for her progeny in the next aisle: “Jericho! Leave those Wagonwheels alone, come on! We haven’t got much time!” I finds her choice choice of name gert lush. How about you,Continue reading “Serendipity & Serenity”

Vade retro ..

As the world’s multitudes prepare to take the bait currently being cooked up for them, fooling themselves that Gaia is merely having a hissy fit and teaching those nasty capitalist institutions a long overdue lesson, I find myself brought down to my knees once more. Far from secure in the knowledge that I would beContinue reading “Vade retro ..”

Strange Days

Of course, I have much more to say on the whole viral conundrum but for now, keep it simple & keep it local perhaps? If nothing else, although it seems like the ultimate post-modern Me-generation type crisis where, bizarrely but in terms of Zeitgeist itself so incredibly appropriately, the advice is not to band togetherContinue reading “Strange Days”

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