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A tale of some cities

Just now, carefully going about my business, I picked up on quite a bit of tension in the atmosphere .. that nervous pre-public holiday kind of mild panic. I just counted my blessings that at least, small mercies indeed, I didn’t have to drag Mr Madopar into a […]

Honi Soit and all that jazz

Amazingly, Jessa’s been banned from yet another platform. That’s a frighting development which I want to spend some time on soon. It’s so unhealthy that the people who can’t or won’t make a distinction between the nude form and any sexual connotations – either sound or lurid – […]

Smugness is as smugness does

Travelling around Europe about six years ago as a devastatingly awkward 18 or 19yr old, I enjoyed people everywhere saying, “Ah! Holland. Cruyff!” Over the years this turned into, “Ah, Holland. Van Basten, Gullit!” Somehow it never became, “Ah, Holland. Van de Kerkhof!” For me, the Boy from […]