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Stealth Publications

Ricochet Roller Coaster

My sister used to call me Ricochet Rabbit when I was a wee lad. These days I feel more like Ricochet Roller Coaster or something. Perhaps it’s just me feeling I constantly have to play catch-up to events being rearranged, goal posts forever being moved hither and dither […]

Film night

Just about to watch Awakenings.. had really hoped to be able to watch it together with someone else but hey, what are you gonna do? I ain’t gonna hire someone to come and watch it with me.. I have seen it many years ago, aeons before L-Dopa meant […]

The bare essentials

Good to see good things happening to good people, well done Jessa! I will provide an update on my own awareness raising plans in this area shortly. Jessa says: Introducing The Nude Blogger – my first ever YouTube video! Pretty please watch, share, subscribe and give it a […]