for Crap Coffee, Grudge-Clingers and Misfiring Communication. Especially since I against the odds have found renewed inspiration to write. So, all are welcome to keep staring at my desperate cries for help if that kind of thing happens to be your bag. However, Muggins will need to keep moving. Will start compiling a list of thingsContinue reading “(My) LIFE’S 2 SHORT”

Another day in Paradise Lost?

Email to my truly outstanding and dedicated NDIS Support Coordinator: Hi R. Can you please tell me what is happening tomorrow in terms of rosters and carer S.2 et cetera? Am back home resting and have made my apologies to James the physio who just came round when Ambo Dave and yet another bunch ofContinue reading “Another day in Paradise Lost?”


THE RICHARD OF OZ WILL CEASE PUBLICATION AS OF 20 OCT. 2020   A New Broom to Sweep the Gloom and Dusty Doom Away.. I used to think my greatest danger in how to introduce myself to potential new friends et cetera  was connected in some hazardous way to the all but inevitable common humanContinue reading “ALL’S WELL THAT ENDS WELL?”

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