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Most of my long-suffering readers will be familiar with my website mutterings on The Richard of Oz.

Digital Health Monitor, a new online platform published under the Stealth Publications imprint, aims to provide semi-regular updates on developments in the crucible where tech and telco impact beneficially on the fields of medicine, health and well-being.

This is a continuation of the point at which Telecom Times was compelled to cease publication following my last ever appearance in person at an invitational telco event in Amsterdam in June 2019.

During a one-one-one interview with NBN Co chief executive Stephen Rue, I found to my great shock and surprise that my speech capabilities had deteriorated  to the extent I could no longer justify accepting media interview offers of any kind.

Part of Stealth Publications, DHM as well as ROZ, The Parkinsonian, Mobility Matters, The Critical Communicator and any other of my remaining endeavours, is designed to be a non-profit venture – not a business – with all funds and/or incentives raised intended to be used at the discretion of R. van der Draay, for the advancement of ROZ in the widest sense, including any previously stated objectives as well as any current and/or future associated platforms and outlets.