Why the hell should I stay at home silent as a mouse in fear of upsetting anyone with my antics? On such an amazing evening?

You tell me it’s not weird how every single neighbour shuts up shop for the day at 7pm with not a sound of a tv or music or even voices until the next morning?
And I am the weirdo?
At any rate, fortune favours the brave as I just discovered this little pocket of a park just before I started looking too weird with my shoes for which I still need to find laces..
.. giving me a gorgeous unexpected view of the Skillion, looking more like a lost South Sea island Shangri-la..

… just slipped back quietly to find, when i just switched on the outside lights – signifying a potential ‘delivery’ of some kind is likely pending at the Wolf’s Lair – the whole area suddenly awoke from its bizarre, creepy funereal dead slumber, with people scurrying and seemingly tripping over one another to get away..
I hope someone out there ‘gets’ what I am facing here, because in all good faith I’ll be fornicated if I am going to explain it any more, to anyone, anywhere..
.. meanwhile, i am looking forward to my delivery …

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