Just couldn’t bear the idea of not being able to share my good vibes and positive outlook following my meeting with my NDIS Support Coordinator, so ended up ‘celebrating’ by trying to relax while scoffing down a can ‘o coke, a Portuguese pastry while drinking in the gorgeous balmy sea air, positioned in ROZ Corner (Good God, give it a rest!).

Well, just a crooked old, rather comfy chair I’d foraged earlier in the day along the beach car park.

But of course, it’s ok during the day when you can tell people, it’s because you get tired and there just isn’t anywhere to sit down for a sec in that front part underneath the new and stunning deck of the Ocean View Cafe overhead (caught a first view of the bright lights of Terrigal, lovely atmosphere up there and no mistake) ..

But somehow, it just doesn’t look as ‘normal’ anymore when the bright lights reveal a rather less than relaxed Muggins who is now, once again, knackered and hungry…

But I you hear you say, ‘Never mind all that melodrama, Tosser of Coz, did you say good and positive stuff in the workings? Perhaps lead with that in future, ok sport?’

Well, yes good efforts afoot to get Muggins more suitably housed and ready to embrace that elusive life of sobriety and secluded introspection [seems legit/what could possibly go wrong?].

Seriously, i do look forward to a change of pace and yes, I will always want to write, reach out, communicate …

But knowing I may be able to do so with none of the ever-so-slightly cumbersome and copious levels of stress and anguish, that have marked the last seven years – for me, and not just for me as an individual man with, only currently, very few personal ties either (..) – since that morning in Glebe at the Woolcott Institute, could and let’s face it, should make all the difference.

I hope to see a few very important people in the run-up to Christmas in Sydney but i am coming round to the idea that it might actually be quite nice not to have rush around like a mad fruit bat on Sifrolic Acid but perhaps some of my amazing carers are allowed to drop me off and some others could collect me a day or two later from whichever of my favourite hotels could easily see me make some good use of my erstwhile QFF status? Who knows? [ i think this may have been confirmed to me*]

Perhaps I should be starting to learn how to go about ‘wanting to’ shift gear, change focus and think along those lines?

Since my new neck of the woods (and i do want a fresh, quiet and private new start if it’s on the cards – very good people are still working very hard for his ungrateful, spiteful paranoid nightmare of a Muggins – might possibly see me located a little bit closer perhaps to one or two new friends/acquaintances, I wonder if my yellow OPAL card could also help me to establish social links, even just by making it easier to pay visits to mates new and old for that matter?

And, all good things come to those who … ah well.

I think it might actually lso make sense to ask my stellar specialist for a new referral to a specific psychiatrist he once recommended to me up North..

.. in the New Year.

Merry Christmas and a Blessed, Prosperous and Healthy 2021 to all and sundry (especially the sundry)


> no stress, no worries, LOL <



*[ Need to verify my email but fairly confident ]








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