A sad day as it took me raising my voice again and being downright rude in order simply to find out what I can expect to happen to me/for me/with me over the holiday season.

Seriously, I get that this company hasn’t had the undiluted pleasure of knowing a little bit more about what makes Muggins tick, but honestly..

There was some promising news and some, understandably realistic sobering news. But why not include me in any of this and avoid forcing me to pipe up again?

I can surmise, divine and augur only so much and, let’s face it, that way of me trying to get some info just to keep me wanting to keep going, just isn’t as reliable as simply keeping me updated re my life, liberty and lifestyle feasibility or indeed, the lack thereof. I’m a big boy and bad news is still more useful to me than no news whatsoever for days, sometimes weeks on end ..

This has now all been sorted and i find myself much more reassured. There is actually quite a bit of light seeping out to greet me, at the end of this Diagnosis-NDIS et al. Tunnnel.

Also, my once and now again kind and wise GP impressed me all over again and her calm demeanour soothed the savage Muggins breast, which was a nice omen of states of mind to come? I hope.

MInd you, her notes hailed from the darkest Madopar days so that was a shock to the system hearing her say that my Neuro, last week, had wanted me to change to Mad Opa again LOL.



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