IT is a joy to be dealing with peeps who understand the value of a man’s word.

I said it before, ‘God, what a amazing place to live, or to have lived!’

But I fear that once again, I may have been too obscure or cryptic, and that it won’t matter much in the end anyway. It’s the unwelcome intrusion of those two bugbears of mine, Irony and Paradox..

It just happens that some of the kindest and most caring people around me just refuse to believe I am deadly serious when i am stammering my way through a panic-stricken nerve session, asking – begging them: “Please read at least one story, PLEASE!?”

And I’m not sure why, if someone you care for/about is pleading with you with such emphasis, he or she might have a good reason for wanting you to read ‘at least one [1] story?’

Perhaps they think it’s a nice or horrible website where this weirdo can ‘let it all out or something’..

Well, if that’s all i remain alive for, a kind of ‘Dear Diary, you never guessed what happened in gym class today’ kind of thing, I wouldn’t need to publish or promote it.

I don’t (seem to) have friends

or family anywhere within reasonable reach

or more than $8,86 in my bank account

or any more cars left to flog in order to survive

Boo-Freaky-Di-Hoo!! *

But i can still string a few words together – that’s my ONLY asset.

Oh well..

Unfortunately, the 5 minute full-disclosure disturbance necessary to ensure I wouldn’t have to deal with an ambulance-type scenario three nights in a row – did entail me having to ‘gently remind’ the entire surrounding area there would  be hell to pay if anyone thought of calling an ambulance (…)

This, mind you, was after I had managed to make my way up the rainswept slip & slide drive during the thunderstorm, moments after a giant lightning strike had hit – and I assumed the area would be in black-out soon.

Now, where I come from ( Camperdown LOL ), we’d always make sure those around us were safe and sound first before doing anything else.

I quickly checked to see if the lovely girls next door were ok, didn’t see any sign of life upstairs but then really needed someone to call me a taxi.

Stood trying to get a cab, Uber or anyone at all to stop for me by the roadside for half an hour, pacing up and down, wielding my stick like some kind of mad Stormbringer (it is my fave weather, granted) but no joy ..

Oh well, am really trying to have a restful morning but I can sense some of the decent and proper townsfolk reaching for their pitchforks again.

*[Quote: Dr. Evil; ‘Goldmember’]

FROM DIARY OF AN ANTI-PATIENT II: WEIGHT plummeting again, today 69.6kg from 70.4kg on FRI 08/12/20, MOOD: 7 MOTION: NY MOVICOL TAKEN: N

One thought on “HONOUR BOUND

  1. so far a much better day but also taxing. wanted to go for a swim but ended up far too tired even to carry my coffee and so back from Cafe Malibu – but as always, i try to harvest something for The Work of raising YOPD awareness. so finally i got to show Nathan, the brekkie lifesaver from Surrey, the website.. you may ask why is it so key 2 do this?

    obvious really, i’d rather be remembered as that guy with the crap and PD but also the drive to keep trying to 2 something real in the real world. and as i feel i might be best understood when i can put my words in writing this ticks many boxes. but it wold be nice t get some help as things take so long to do for me on my own.. going to get clean and have some lunch and if i then still find myself free, at large in the world i may try another swim..

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