Email to my truly outstanding and dedicated NDIS Support Coordinator:
Hi X.,
Can you please tell me what is happening tomorrow in terms of rosters and carer CA.2 et cetera?
Am back home resting and have made my apologies to K. the physio who just came round when Ambo Dave and yet another bunch of amazingly helpful neighbours had escorted me back down the drive.
I do feel for you, having me as a client ..
I got spooked when i woke up and carer CA.1 had gone. I then checked my email (phone still not working) and found no update or anything nothing from you or RO., in Rosters, then sort of panicked and went to see if i could get a massage, fix my bloody phone, get some decent shorts …
Or just something to find some relief or a even just a bit of a break from the current unbearable pressure ..
Just something, somewhere, someone..
But this why i always tell ne carers not o rush me when leaving the house: Of course, I got caught out when i couldn’t get water fast enough, so barely made it past local caf Sal & Co.
Don’t think the lovely staff saw me in dire straits this time, although to be perfectly frank, at this stage what does it matter?
Not a jot, not one iota.
Then tried a quick dash up the slope to the divine Wamberal beach, thinking i might yet salvage something from this escapade that was fast starting to look a bit ropey.
Thought ‘If only i could shed some of these insanely cumbersome and restrictive clothes and walk back along the beach.. stupid bloody tracksuit bottoms!’
Amazingly fit and strong older surf bloke Michael (dead ringer for Spike Milligan) and really nice bloke Craig carried/helped me down the slope – me at this stage, of course again very much sadder and wiser, with better safe than sorry of course being my newfangled mundane mantra.
Ambo Dave joined the gang – “Ah yes, i know Richard … how are you buddy??” – when Michael put me in his car and drove me home where they both frogmarched me gently back down the drive to the relative safety of my Wolf’s Lair.
My God what an amazing place to live..
On the plus side, Ambo Dave was satisfied, even impressed in the end, meaning i think i narrowly avoided yet another trip to hospital LOL.
That reminds me, dear X. The other day I received a $500 bill for my last ambulance ride to Gosford Hospital Emergency Ward, probably one with Ambo Dave ..
Resting now …


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