A New Broom to Sweep the Gloom and Dusty Doom Away..

I used to think my greatest danger in how to introduce myself to potential new friends et cetera  was connected in some hazardous way to the all but inevitable common human trait of making rash assumptions, based on how one operates one’s self in any given scenario.

I think an even bigger threat to the likes of an awkward stubborn bastard like Muggins is the now fast-disappearing crucial sensibility that enables one to join another’s imagination, if only for a while.

.. the skill of reading between the lines and of understanding, with the heart as much as the noggin, symbols and omens.

How to read the language of Life itself, a construct vastly more poetic and eloquent than any practical, literally-phrased bullet point manual to any man-made device, however useful or desirable, could ever hope to be..


New horizons … one way or the other. Quite exciting ,, thank you to all who have grown ‘accustomed’ to ROZ the mag, as well as ROZ the man. The future beckons!



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2 thoughts on “ALL’S WELL THAT ENDS WELL?”

  1. Hi Rich
    That is sad to read you will be stopping the publication of your blog. I hope you will continue to write. Blessings Lisa

    1. thank you Lisa. It always meant a lot getting your support and feedback. it feels like a good time for a lot of change. thank you for your kind words and yes there will always be some kind of scribbling somewhere..x

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