Had a wonderful sleep on Friday night after deciding not to publish my somewhat panic-stricken reply to my solicitor concerning my last chance opportunity to secure my private disability insurance payout and instead opted to simply trust that some new people in my life such as my NDIS support coordinator – already apart from anything else a rare calming influence on me – are fully aware of what I am now up against.

And I have been hanging on by a thread as she is steadfast and reliably clearing the rubble left in my meandering path by the astounding mismanagement of her predecessor.

I can see she is now actually putting in place solid lasting provisions, which once they all fall into place and join up properly, will see me in good stead for years to come. Of course, this takes time.

The NDIS is a very ambitious social scheme, and while there is every chance that in theory I might be able to have a lovely few more years residing in my home – this lovely place where i feel safe, happy and free – provided those ongoing services are in place, I am of course  starting to see the usual writing on the wall..  #tellmesomethingidontknowalerert


Still, it proved to be a great day for several reasons, but let’s see if i can indeed at long last stop trying to explain the bleedin’ obvious and just recount my pleasant day, which included Muggins catching the bus into Terrigal for the first time in months.


I was up and sweeping the yard as one my new carers came down the drive, about to start a two hour shift, and because I’d slept well my speech was not that bad so was even able to enjoy a nice chat.

Later that morning, with a dazzling and ever-growing army of concerns and worries attacking my precarious equilibrium, I decided to try and fool part of my brain [it’s a PD thing] and simply pretend for the rest of the day I really didn’t have much more to worry about than just keeping track of my two-hourly meds routine.

Had a stroll around the shops, sat amid the normals but as my stress levels were still playing ball, my speech was adequate so i was able to minimise the Quasimodo factor significantly.

It was too breezy for a swim but by late arvo I was still feeling chipper, confident and strong enough to choose to walk home via the consecutive beaches of Terrigal and Wamberal, arriving back home a bit later feeling chuffed and groovy.




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