Where to begin?

Well yes, obviously by recommending you consider supporting The Richard of Oz ….

The reason for my impetus to turn ROZ and any other potential off-shoots into something a bit more credible looking is because in many ways this strange timeframe seems, to me at any rate, to reflect the turning of a most momentous wheel and in parts, it feels very eerie and odd.

My forte and my Nemesis – communication.

I never could stand discord, the sheer awkward disharmony of it, and I feel sad at how the last few months have descended into an atmosphere – all too public at that – where my anger, frustration and ice-cold despair and isolation revealed a hopeless, anxious side of me I cannot presume to gloss over in any glib way.

Still, some other very strange things beyond my own scope took place as well.

However, for the final time I am choosing to share a document, an email in fact  – simply to have it noted, recorded somewhere by someone other than Muggins, whose miraculously mercurial mind is not entirely what it used to be..

And as before with a great many other frantically documented administrative swings and roundabouts, those with whom I have shared my response to the solicitor’s offer of one final push to secure my private insurance claim for TDP, are not required or expected to do anything other than take note of it.

Increasingly, I am finding speaking – let alone explaining – to be too heartbreaking. It feels in yet another way like another full circle event, all witnessed in abject silence by the same person who not that long ago tried to pick up a few extra pennies using his cherished ancient Audi to assist Uber Eats in providing delicate breakfast bowls to the temporarily house bound inebriated cream of the Gen Y crop in Double Bay, Vaucluse, Mosman..

. . the same silent inner observer who found himself only yesterday marking off another gloomy unwanted signpost on this bumpy downward track  – accepting a kind OT’s suggestion of introducing a wheelchair to the long and varied list of vehicles I have known.

But you know what? I think I might just keep it on file for now. Who needs histrionics when a lazy comfy evening can be had?

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