A knight of tender misgivings

Such a nice day with one of the new carers starting.

Loved how she turned the place into a thoroughly comfortable ‘home’ in the wink of a no-nonsense eye..


Even on bad speech days (haven’t managed to skip one yet, when my anxiety and stress leave me prone to a dazzling array of potential dangerous misgivings or even just the plain old garden variety misunderstanding ..

.. I know a rapport of some sort has been established the moment an Aussie lady calls me “Darl

And to the equally kind and sanguine lady who just left i remarked how it was only today and yesterday during their individual stints that either my exhausted frame or my slightly fragmented mind actually was able to unwind enough to remember and then feel the bountiful repose of sleeping or even dozing off for a moment fully certain nought is gonna befall you.

Not on their watch.  

BTW, I do need to get a new cheap watch from BigW again as i found it most useful for keeping on the straight and narrow Stallevo-wise.

What happened to the old watch? Ah…


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