Vaya Con Dios … siempre

After the kind of day I  had, and you simply wouldn’t believe it, I may not get a chance to elaborate on a great feeling of inner calm.

But much as I am still reeling from the shocking manner in which some (former) friends comported themselves  recently I will be damned if i let this fine day of the Lord pass by without having had a dip in our cool Pacific.

Catch ya later, or not as the case may be..

For my part, I  found it quite reasonable on balance to insist on having a deciding vote in how, and  where the next † phase of mi vida loca might happenstance..

Relocating might well be a sensible course of action , it had been for a while, but that doesn’t  mean i should be shunted along fresh out  of hospital without at least some time to talk things over or to get an idea or some understanding of some scenarios I may indeed be obliged to consider at the ripe old age of 55.

The thought of yet another soulless move to anywhere really doesn’t make me giddy with anticipation

Perhaps some of my tired friends ansansaaaabelieved I had fought such a long battle where the prize would consist in waving goodbye to life and liberty and embracing the regulated thrills of set mealtimes, bedpans at brekky?

If you remember, following my fall from grace I never even intended setting up home ever again ,,..

Granted, I do love this haven by the ocean. Also don’t forget a home is more than bricks and mortar. Since i am still bereft of NDIS carer arrention, i have become even more of local a attraction. Yesterday, like the same three days before, i got so tired just doing some groceries on foot plus trusted backpack, i ended up quite literally not being able to walk at all.

I would ideally have a friend or carer qr anyone sympathetic really accompany me to the beach when i am feeling not quite my LDopa powered self.

However, losers can’t be choosers so the local  weekend beach crowd  saw me making my way back to my unit having to use two sticks simultaneously.

(I know right : very sexy indeed ..)

For  now, i am choosing to attribute these incidents to the intense and seemingly never-ending stress.






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