My reply to hearing just now that a certain very well known Australian legal firm can find no fault with my private TDP insurer’s rejection of my claim.

Enjoy and then please distribute widely.


Dear XX

Thank you for your email.

This is stunning, incredible.


Diagnosed late 2016
Made redundant Dec 2016
Tried call center work casually through a friend while trying to hide PD symptoms


Found part time work as a pharmacy industry journalist at Cirrus Media in Chatswood in februari 2017, this lasted 2 weeks as very odd editor proved unappreciative of my journalistic endeavours.


I had no DSP, no NDIS, my marriage on the rocks, no income

TELECOM TIMES never was profitable !!!!

I never was able to draw anything remotely resembling a salary !!!
It was a website, a credible one yes but I have survived for 5 (FIVE) years on financial support from friends and family in Australia and overseas, have had to sell two vehicles on two occasions just to pay my rent. I have presented at emergency wards on two occasions with suicidal ideation. Most recently, voluntarily committing myself to Mental Inpatients at RNSH only weeks ago.

In january 2020, after having presented at Gosford Hospital with suicidal ideation in the runup to Christmas 2019, I was at long last awarded full DSP with no requirement to seek work within the space of 4 (FOUR) days.

Expecting NDIS and my insanely elusive TDP payout to now surely follow relatively soon as I was finally lucky to be deemed decrepit enough – after FIVE years on my fortnightly $264 NewStart pension to take a breather with my fortnightly $987 DSP – only to hear from your office medio March/April that any kind of update or outcome could take yet another 10 (TEN) months, and with no sign of NDIS on the fast dimming horizon, I was hospitalized voluntarily as mentioned above.

When even this last resort attempt to find refuge proved anything but a sanctuary, with my life actually being imperilled due to a woeful, indeed lethal lack of awareness around PD on the part of the dedicated staff at RNSH Mental Inpatients, I was sadly obliged to demand to be released.

Upon returning to my hastily secured $250/w room in a North Sydney boarding house, that same day I received notice that my NDIS application had been declined.

NDIS was finally awarded on the basis of full disability on 7 July 2020.

My income is now still only DSP as indeed it has been since January this year.

Prior to that, my income SINCE MY LAST PAID WORK in february 2017 UNTIL January 2020 had only ever been my fortnightly NewStart allowance of $264 with until October 2019 attached to this princely sum the requirement to approach four potential (..) employers per month.

Telecom Times, my beloved maverick website UNPROFITABLE, UNSALEABLE, did come to an end NOT RECENTLY as your frankly stupendous assessment claims, but in June 2019 when, during a one-on-one interview with NBN Co CEO Stephen Rue in Amsterdam, it had become too onerous for me to keep trying to make this precarious, tentative and ultimately nonviable pipedream of a publication into some kind of asset in the light of NOT having received ANY meaningful assistance for years on end and with no DSP or NDIS in sight whatsoever.




This is NOT when I stopped working, which implies getting adequate recompense for services rendered. But it was when I cancelled my ABN and ceased publication, no longer able to justify accepting offers for interviews whether in Australia or overseas.

I am livid and have lost all confidence in your firm. I will now try to highlight my incredible sorry saga in the news media as I feel I can ill afford (pun intended) to waste any more of my limited time waiting for clueless legal cul-de-sacs such as the ones your firm – whose household name for now I shan’t reveal – keeps presenting to me.


Richard van der Draay

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