Day 2 of cracking the Stalevo Code.

Also happens to be the second day of sleeping like a civilian, as well as day 2 of being able to go for my sunrise stroll to the beach upbeat and physically strong and confident enough to venture out the door leaving my cane behind – and rocking up at Cafe Sal & Co yesterday and Cafe Malibu today, as chipper and bright as some kind of especially chipper and bright thing – fluidly breezing in just like a normal and managing to place my order free of stress, smiling and – Thank you Lord! – for once without having to note those straining furrowed brows

What on earth is he saying?’ ..


Also the second consecutive day without a carer/DSW as two separate members of Team SaveRicho were indisposed – in turn, of course raising my old paranoiac alarm bells with a sense of gloom and foreboding fast following suit. #justrelax!alertlol

After all, I know I am no walk in the park and – at best – a bit of an acquired taste..

Still, let’s not give in to that kind of lazy defeatism. Early this morning at the beach, all was right with the world. And on my way through Shoe Rugby Park, I saw my brace of Massive Magpies, my very own trusted CorVidian bodyguards.

And, yesterday I crossed the threshold of Cafe Malibu only to hear this quite obscure ditty welcoming me on the sound system:

My totemic anthem I clung onto so tightly last year as Mister Bloody Parkinson’s saw fit to end my travelling telco days, forcing me to bring forward my tentative plans for a shaky sea change ..

That strangely mesmeric tune is still saved on my trusted battle-scarred Pixel 2 – ready to play loudly on my headphones when the going gets tough.

What a very strange life.

Horrible, awful and downright sickening a lot of the times, but not tedious .. no never dull or drab, perish the thought.

Ok then, twist my arm:


2 thoughts on “I’M STILL STANDING (FAST)

  1. Your way you have to deal with extreem situations every day is something we all cannot imagine how iT feels like and how difficult it is to live with. But you have no choice and you make the best of iT 👍 love you sis sandra

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