Woke up at 6am – a huge lie-in – and got ready for the week ahead and new meds routine attempt no. 7 or 8, which involves adding Stalevo to the Kinson-centred mix.

After asking for some advice on this med from PD experts (i.e. PD sufferers only) as part of my outstanding specialist’s description of it reminded me of the dreaded Madopar, of course who else but the Intrepid Miss M. obliged within minutes offering some invaluable advice from the trenches re Stalevo.

Thanks so much! Hang in there and don’t forget to raise Hell whenever you need to, quite simply because I was a fan of the way you managed to carry it off. When I’m pushed towards that dark end of the Angelic spectrum, there’s usually not that much more to enjoy about the experience an sich for anyone unlucky enough to find themselves caught within my radius ..

And it’s good to see Google’s AI monkeys finally have sussed me out. Until recently, their initial assumption seemed to sum me up as ‘some kind of devout womanising telco fanatic’.

Nice to know some kind of msg got through in the end. Although the plan was to rally some interest, support etc. to allow me to grab a last ditch raison d’etre before slipping into Disabled ‘I could have been a contender’ country and to actually save me from my own restless mind/Pandora’s Box of Tricks by doing something worthwhile and meaningful for others in a way that made so much sense to me.

Using whatever it was I could draw from to build a platform or organisation dedicated to promoting and highlighting this kind of story:

+ telco, tech meets health, medicine & well-being +

But I can still do that as long as I have access to my Chromebook and my robust Google Pixel 2 (am still paying off my Pixel 3, which of course I never should’ve bought as it clearly was the one to skip, and promptly lost somewhere around Middle Head Rd.) – and provided the drooling and/or colostomy bag don’t get in the way of the keyboard too much going forward ..

And yet where there’s life, there’s hope. The other day the Stealth Publications office was inundated with an email, happily informing us of our second Twitter follower.

Thanks John ..

And it’s all bloody relative anyway.

Each and every one of us could well say of everyone else, every single day: ‘There but for the Grace of God…’

Que sera, sera

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