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Looking forward to a much more serene and soothing week ahead (here’s hoping). What a strange life, and what odd times we’re all grappling with … Look after yourselves, your loved-ones and those shadowy figures you may be only half aware of but who also  seem to be living and/or surviving in your area ..

That kind spinster (is that still a thing?) who always comes into your shop two or three times a day and sometimes appears just a bit too cheerful for her own good, that doddery old bloke on the corner who seems to have modelled himself on Sandy Stone (next to The Dame my fave Barry Humphries character), the proud yet tentative new immigrant family touching down .. you get the idea.

How poignant to hear Clive reflect on Barry’s mortality.  Clive James who himself sadly passed away in the UK not that long ago, without having had the chance to return to the city he never stopped loving.

Plus sort of confirmation in the US tabloids overnight of what I knew  instinctively for a while already. That Robin Williams, indeed, suffered from PD/lewy bodies dementia and how his last few years were simply horrific. Still, how could a mind that shines that brightly not attract some envious dark assailants of the spiritual kind.

So, this is it, there’s no dress rehearsal.

This broken, fallen world which could’ve and would’ve been so different if .. And yet, there is a happy ending too if only one is prepared to see what’s in plain view and has been for yonks.

In the meantime, much as I am wont to flex my polemical broadside, all this tiresome insipid kneejerk tribalism on display almost everywhere you look –  yes, like war – what is it good for?

We’re it. This is our time .. so we might as well get on, make amends where we can and move forward – not in fear but in faith = trust.

*) No actual Sydney Lord Mayors were harmed in the making of this video clip.

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