Bookishness, rookishness will save the daze

As I await some word re availability from my erstwhile loyal mainstay and transcriptionist extraordinaire, with some key data missing from my Google-tastic admin  bot, opted to kick back and watch some fave comedy and music clips and work on some other less telco or techmedical plans I have for Stealth Pubs.

This will mean more of an arts or creative slant, and if overall ROZ funds allow – should those actually materialise – I may even do one more overhaul of Ancient Heart Magazine, the funny old poetry mag launched back in my hazy Bristolian days.

In my mind it was always early dewdrop meadow-mellow May in the green and pleasant Somerset hills and vales. Somewhere near Clevedon or Yatton, I think, the first Mrs Van Der Draay and I climbed an odd avalonic hill, which offered an unexpected breathtaking view across the wide expanse all the way to Wales ..

I think the hill itself had its name tag Goblin Hill displayed – what a wonderfully quirky country it is – simply magical.

But unsurprisingly I digress.

Later today, I will post a rousing bombastic email inviting all who have the time and goodwill required to help out my online platform; in many ways my last tangible-ish asset.

DHM will seek to bring together past and present interests, people with whom I’d like to reconnect and much more – all with no pressure or obligation.

If only to be able to keep in touch as my waning faculties and/or capabilities inevitably slow me down too much for any of this current unwieldy but vital sturm und drang of mine to matter much anymore.

Poets, painters, writers, installators?, musos etc. You will also be invited to submit your creative outpourings shortly.

It won’t all be telco and tech and medical stuff.

Finally, it’s worth remembering from the outset that I will always need to take into account my limits as imposed by my ongoing chess game with PD, along with the astute advice of my incredible disability support worker. #bestlaidplansclause


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