Woke up at 6am – a huge lie-in – and got ready for the week ahead and new meds routine attempt no. 7 or 8, which involves adding Stalevo to the Kinson-centred mix. After asking for some advice on this med from PD experts (i.e. PD sufferers only) as part of my outstanding specialist’s descriptionContinue reading “STELLA!”

Lunar Encounters of the Sensitive Kind

    +   As our lives meander this way and that, up hill and down dale, those of us blessed and cursed with an additional measure of sensitivity, invariably sense who are the people crossing our path for a reason beyond the mundane .. #birdsofafeather   ++     +     ++  Continue reading “Lunar Encounters of the Sensitive Kind”

Clinging onto vapours

While stuck at home laid low by my seemingly immovable lodger, that Bloody Mr Parkinson’s who just turned up one day in December 2016, I find confinement does offer some welcome time for reflection … up to a point. The tricky common denominator in any attempt to smooth the waters for Muggins is not strictlyContinue reading “Clinging onto vapours”

Karma Karma Curmudgeon

As a lover of language, words, idiom, communication of literally any kind, I relish having the time every now and then to retrace my steps leading back to some earlier incarnations during which, for whatever reason, I never quite got around to looking further into some promising – possibly soothing or merely entertaining – avenues.

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