Such sweet sorrow – As the world turns on its axes, with most civilians most scrambling to put together their lives again in some way now the CoRvid19 phase seems to be slowly ending, my lovely one too is working full pelt again and her own life’s responsibilities will of course be making more demands on her time.

As they say, all is fair in Agape and .. (can’t remember how it ends .. must be my mind slipping into pipe and slippers territory, never mind, c’est la guerre!)


Meanwhile, I am trying my best to get my bonce around the nitty gritty of all things NDIS. Five years on from being diagnosed, finally Thank God proper help seems within my grasp.

So many kind and wonderful people have been crucial in actually helping me crawl up to this elusive half-resisted finishing line. Some in an official, capacity some not, most helpful – it pains me to say – were those not affiliated in any way with officialdom.

Yet without fail, all of you I have in mind as we speak were amazing, accepting, encouraging.


My lovely one was, is and will always be very special to me. I’m sure we’ll keep in touch but for now, I feel a pang in my heart as we must somehow get on with our own lives as best we can for now.

At any rate, a huge thank you is in order. When life was at its darkest, and it has been and often still is a tad Dante-esk to say the least, she was right there with me in the trenches in the thick of it,

Fearless and funny, happy and smiling that dazzling sunray smile at me, superb in every way.


.. I won’t forget ..





I thank you with all my heart, my dear

For all those times you smiled at me,


That beam of light you brought to me

When no one else came near.


That magic core within, you’d see

And just like me,

You knew no fear,


And so much more besides.





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