Senor Scarlet Pimpernel O’Foxy McMagPie still on the loose, sort of

Unbelievable what a strange life. Do you want it? You can have it, no money to change hands, no questions asked.. GOL.

‘Out of Kilter, an auto-biography’…

Oh well, news about my elusive payout.

But The FoxMeister is running slower and slower and if you look closely (But why would you? Sure, I get’ya) you can see his left hind paw is losing muscle tone fast, and whereas his gait during ON periods (PDGoogle it) used to be straight, fast and decisive, he now seems to be wavering, tempted to just enter that terminal vortex of sad but oh so soothing ever decreasing circles …

… until those Hounds of Love have cornered Muggins for the very last time.


Yet you know,  my Mohito Mama, that I remain honour-bound to keep my promise to you made that night in Amsterdam South. How clever of you to quickly loop that one around my leg! FoxTastic indeed.

Sorry, Ann-Mikey Noble Moon .. I never did lose sight of you. ‘Running up that Hill’, eh?Keep safe wherever you are, my only soul-mate on this stunning spinning sphere. So sorry I won’t be able to offer you that sun-drenched sanctuary, or show you some absolutely gobsmackingly beautiful sites along the Coast. My fellow-Sydneysiders for some reason insist 1) The Coast is a million miles away and once a friend moves there, it’s almost impossible to ever again visit them. 2) The Coast is a bit yampy (Pommy lingo alert) and not worth bothering with.

Yup, clueless. If they only thought of any of their former friends who made the huge voyage to that mystical land beyond the Mooney Mooney, then asked themselves how many of those reported back anything other than, ‘Should’ve done it decades ago ..’

Having said that, I don’t see why it should be either/or. But I am so sorry I won’t be able to show you those remarkable forest walks, mountain hikes, still country lanes reminiscent of the Wye Valley, and so much more.

I did get a shock when you so happily announced not too long ago that you’d planned to “Come over to see you in about 5 years!” I just no longer can afford to live on non-PD time..

Now, it appears I won’t be able to afford to live full-stop.

Still, back to that promise I made to you. It’s just the same principle which I’ve been trying to use to soothe some of my closest family members’ concerns. And when faced with a less than receptive level of understanding (or even a few giant clouds of unknowing) I sometimes just try to explain it by saying (with less and less of a swagger recently), ‘Unfortunately, I never give up..’

Time for a humour break, agreed Lady Luna? What does the label on your bag of tea read? I would have had a coffee but am no longer in possession of my lovely ClooneyCoffeeMaker deLuxe. Kick back and relax, even just for a second.

In the end I couldn’t avoid hospitalisation. How sad is that?

Voluntarily, though! How funny is that?

Until it became too dangerous for me to stay. How sad is that?

Keep the Faith I think you may have found, I don’t know what’s around the corner. I think it’s a public holiday on Monday.

I will try to keep sending you my Magpies, Division Groot R’dam, for as long as I can. Good news though de verdad, I have been able to help a few fellow stricken ones into the Chapel which is open again, Deo gratias. That’s the only job I really still might want to do. Pro bono, sure.





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