What a classic, classy send-off! You can’t make this stuff up, well actually.. Much more to tell, much later. Am on a new cast-iron, workable, drug regime. Rest and incrementally making my way back to some plane where a few more things make near-sense are the order of the day.

Left on the best of terms. And it had to be T. giving me my last 3 PM Kinson, on the dot, and D. walking me out to the front gate. What a gent..

And together, these paragons of mental health nursing care have in fact provided me with my remaining raison d’etre; to devise a no-nonsense quick check fact sheet to help both Mental Health nursing staff and PD peeps who also have severe mental health issues, either as part of the psychological goody bag that comes free with a PD diagnosis, and may include depression, anxiety, paranoia, lethargy, agoraphobia, mild hallucinations or indeed they may be more like Muggins (while of course unlikely to be as devastatingly handsome) who presented voluntarily with both those components clearly on display.

In addition, I always bring my underlying incumbent quirky bag of tricks, or schizo-affective disorder. So, it was never going to be a walk in the park …


After no. 2 I would add: OR VERY LOUD!! (mea culpa, Capi X)








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