Penniless in Paradise

Not much energy to wield the old keyboard for too long but felt I just needed to pinpoint some hopeful glimmerings starting to appear in-between the ups and downs of the turmoil and pressure-cooker extravaganza that passes for my sojourn in this particular incarnation. First thing today I caught up with some dear friends atContinue reading “Penniless in Paradise”

Why I love the notion of The House of God never ever being closed

Sleeping in heavenly peace … Catholic churches are offering the homeless places to sleep in safety and peace. They provide blankets, fresh socks, basic hygiene kits, foot care, chaplaincy services, referrals to outside resources and even massage services and while visiting, are left to themselves to sleep, pray or just sit and relax out ofContinue reading “Why I love the notion of The House of God never ever being closed”

Tender Peaceful Tenterhooks

Go Softly, Go Gently    Go softly my sweet mother, Your work here now done. Return home to where once – – your life had begun. Those stories, how I’ll miss them, Of eleven kids in that tiny house. No mod cons or need for digital diversions. A house full of raucous laughter – certainly.Continue reading “Tender Peaceful Tenterhooks”

Subliminal rail road to nowhere fast

On the first morning of my recent stay at Villa Van Gogh, still reeling from the night’s fun and games and the raw impression of being wheel-chaired from the Emergency ward I could still fool myself I was doing the right thing. All my swagger and Devil may care bollocks soon evaporated though when IContinue reading “Subliminal rail road to nowhere fast”

Senor Scarlet Pimpernel O’Foxy McMagPie still on the loose, sort of

Unbelievable what a strange life. Do you want it? You can have it, no money to change hands, no questions asked.. GOL. ‘Out of Kilter, an auto-biography’… Oh well, news about my elusive payout. But The FoxMeister is running slower and slower and if you look closely (But why would you? Sure, I get’ya) youContinue reading “Senor Scarlet Pimpernel O’Foxy McMagPie still on the loose, sort of”

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