No rest for the Richard

Trying to get some rest today – a very important priority – proved impossible.

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What was a unorthodox shy exhibitionist libertarian oddball to do?

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So in the end Muggins decided to turn his focus outward. Away from my own horrendous preoccupations and checked out my good friend’s new YT podcast venture:

I  think she’s a natural when it comes to making that instantly soothing connection with people, either in person or in front of the camera.

I recently had a go myself at putting up one or two vids on my video channel but in a fluke of momentary sanity decided to take it down again. After all, call me old-fashioned, needlessly bitter and/or incredibly jaded but I am now convinced no one needs or even truly wants to know what it’s really like; having an old person’s affliction while feeling anything but like an old geezer.

No one wants to see that. So, we’ll just keep trying – to no avail – to keep answering the same old insipid yet well-meaning questions verbally over and over again as best we can and as long as the fickle gods that manage my waning speech capacity some times seem to have a day off.

Oh well, gotta have a laugh ..

But on the bright side, it also dawned on me that at least I had never fallen for the dead-end broken dream of owning a small independent bookstore. Looking at Black Books first ever episode again for the first time in years, it struck me that my personality and wide selection of foibles could quite nicely overlap with Dylan Moran’s portrayal.

I love the sequence where – with his unhinged Irish Catholic passionate invitation to come in and talk about Jesus – he utterly terrifies the hapless putative proselytisers. I’ve actually been in that scenario myself once or twice. I also heartily recommend episode 2 Manny’s First Day.




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