Last week I was hoping to finally be put out of my misery, with the current solicitor in charge of glancing at the yellowing half-decayed pages of my file once in a blue moon having announced an update on whether or not it is deemed worth the legal eagles’ time to storm full pelt ahead and actually consider submitting my private insurance claim for a total disability payment.

On tenterhooks all week, yesterday around lunchtime I finally received this elusive update.

And to be honest, looking at it from a more sober angle, the update did sort of put me out of my misery. In so many words, I now know that the solicitors are still reviewing my case. So I can breathe easier knowing bugger-all more about whether or not I should consider it worthwhile to keep reviewing my case.

All I need to do is change my name to Bill Van Der Draay and I should be golden. Let’s just hope I can still wield a pen or keyboard and make out the words I will be trying to string together without drooling, shaking and/or pissing my daks too much when I sit down to earnestly provide this well-known Australian firm with my heartfelt feedback ..

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