Forever and a Dream

to my Butterfly Princess


The sheerest of dreams became so real, 

A shiver cold did strike my heart.

‘Knew life, God, love would see us part,

Adrift once more to merely dream –

  – what gossamer bliss might yet have been.


And as she readies to spread her wings,

As surely as sure as dust,

She must ..

All that now, I fear, remains;


To sway my mind

And only see,

This, here now,

and then set free,


Give thanks for these inspired moments,

this everlasting fleeting glimpse;

this most precious of joys

right here with me.



So clear and fresh and soul-transcending,

Yet clay-like too – so very real.



In a wink of an eye, dissolved for once;

My ancient deepest sorrow.

Yet in my truest heart I know


Your Cherubim smile,

Those seasonal whispers,

My splendid Princess Butterfly

   – could not contain nor rest to remain


And leaves me here, while boundless, free

So fearful we may not sustain

       Our tender bliss past this sweet morrow.




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