A resplendent day of unforeseen magic

Thankful, breathing easy in the knowledge that we are not alone. By any means ..

Today, I received a most invigorating, intoxicating yet ultimately uplifting and inspirational message, the eventual outcome of which has yet to be fully unveiled.


But what a feeling to be back in alignment with what I’d thought I’d lost. Or to put it another way, what an eye opener when you’re given what you need rather than what you assumed you wanted – only to find, once those incipient intuitions crystallise into some unspoken clarity of mind, body and soul upon reflection in tranquillity – that with that partial lifting of the veil (a most tantalising glimpse into what may yet lie in store at that) you are hit by a veritable Satori-size deluge of knowing,

‘This is so much more than I dared hope for, and yet entirely different from what I believed I’d been longing for; an unexpected bountiful gift from the Heavens I had sullenly assumed would never, could never be mine after all.’

And, not at all what one might assume, given some of my at times rather colourful, despair-driven publicly portrayed proclivities. The exact sweet moment this half-shrouded flash of thunderous awareness descended upon me, the super-bendy flexible wristband on my most precious talisman/amulet (I always forget which is which) suddenly snapped …

x+x Turoyo, Abba x+x

Nothing, no thing is impossible … all it takes is Faith*. And there seems to be a near-Newtonian fundamental law of nature associated, perhaps … as Faith is the currency, the active principle, the operating unstoppable force with which He works, it stands to this mad mystic’s reason at least, that little Faith brings small miracles but stronger Faith may  bring … et cetera.

You do the math. Here you find, I now believe, a poet re-awakened. Be warned ..




*Here lies the rub/This is what makes this dynamic so damn tricky




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