No pasa nada

A close female friend – exasperated by some boorish behaviour on the part of perhaps one of our less enlightened brethren – asked me a few years ago why some/most/all men seem so preoccupied with the allure of all things feminine. [ I am paraphrasing ..]

I can’t speak for anyone else. I do remember, however, telling her I believed there was a very clearly demarcated difference between for instance a nice looking girl taking her iPhone for a walk and minding her own instagrambusiness while a reasonably courteous-looking dude makes a modest – yet ostentatious – point of allowing her all the time in the world to cross the road in front of his car, and the same girl a few blocks down having to run the gauntlet of some meatheads ogling and wolf-whistling in a pathetic pack mentality, like so many rabid dogs with their tongues hanging out.

I think depending on a few variables, the first scenario may or may not be a bit of harmless fun, cheeky but just about still enjoyable for both parties. I think for a lot of women or girls, mixed-in with the second scenario something else creeps in, an element of intimidation; something without which a certain kind of brutish ultra-weak pendejo can’t seem to approach any of the women in his life.

Needless to say, I don’t regard these types as my brethren. But I could be wrong. I probably am, gauging by the way this day is shaping up.

Why do I love, love, love women, as well as the whole age-old yet evergreen interplay of any kind of communication of whatever nature, including but not limited to emotional, mental, spiritual, physical as well as tele-communication (sorry, had to get it in there*)?

Because I have had the good fortune to know and experience the kind of crackling electric vibes that can flash from man to woman and back again, such as those on show here. It’s a example that’s all.

What can I say? Unless he’s in a coma or pushing up the daisies, I’d advise against trusting any straight bloke claiming not to be stirred or shaken by this kind of ‘energy’…

But I could be wrong. I probably am, gauging by the way this day started out.

By no means it’s only about ‘that thing, that thing, that thing’ .. And yes, real life all too often pales into insignificance in comparison.

Let’s see if a bit of Mr Cool Weller can lift my spirits.

BTW, bit of a swine of a day today anyway. Had to chuck out a horrible unwieldy last resort gadget in the trash .. and ..

Oh, damn! Nearly forgot to answer my own question. Why do I love, love, love women so much?





Today’s ‘Beam me up Scotty’ score = 11

* That’s what she said


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