Serendipity & Serenity

Two beautiful sounding words .. could they be girls’ names? I remember once, in a Sainsbury’s in Kingswood, Bristol hearing a mum call out for her progeny in the next aisle: “Jericho! Leave those Wagonwheels alone, come on! We haven’t got much time!”

I finds her choice choice of name gert lush. How about you, my luvverr?

I am picking my financial battles right now, like every one is suppose, and so I’m choosing not to have Netflix, which I don’t really like anyway or another such provider. But I do want an escape option as I can’t expose myself to the breathless assault on the senses of the sheer-rolling news coverage on the commercial TV stations.

And of course, the phrase ‘News on the ABC’ is in itself a misnomer, since they at some point made a conscious decision to disregard the law and their own charter and opted to only represent a small very vocal minority within the Australian demographic (BTW, please! Anyone with some pennies to spare, consider subscribing to .. no, not the Oz but the SMH! Am bloody serious too but that’s another story) – there’s no point whatsoever for anyone still capable of kick starting that very last brain cell to take any notice of their particular brand of lazy cookie-cutter undergrad agitprop.

I love how earnest they seem when they go, ‘And now over to .. (another ABC group-think processed member of staff) to find out the latest about …  an issue where there’s really just one possible way of interpreting the essence of the story. Isn’t that right, recent Sydney Uni gradate no. 2 ?”

“Absolutely, recent Sydney Uni graduate no. 1. Scientists say …”

[Ad infinitum, ad nauseam]

Oh well. Let’s turn our gaze towards the lighter side of life. Credit where credit’s due, you won’t find decent satire like The Librarians or Utopia anywhere else.

So, serendipity. Having watched quite a few docos on Mr Schicklgruber recently, YouTube must have thought as long as that keyword matched any of its new AI powered search results, I’d be as happy as a sand boy.

In this case I was, and after I awoke refreshed and actually capable of walking rightaway following a fantastic much-needed remedial treatment, YT greeted me with this startlingly raucous bit of Pommy humour.

It made me think of a hundred things at once. About how sad I was when I heard Rik Mayall had passed away. I always felt he might have had something truly remarkable in him that hadn’t yet been tapped.

Or the episode where the unlikely housemates rock up at a dating agency where a hopeless romantic 42-or something, asks Eddie Hitler, “Any relation?”

– “What d’ya mean?”

“Ahem .. no nothing. So, Mister Hitler, I see on your form that ideally you’d like to meet someone like Kim Basinger?”

“Eh .. no. I would like to meet Kim Basinger!”

” I see …”


#gottahavealaugh   X+X




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