Vade retro ..

As the world’s multitudes prepare to take the bait currently being cooked up for them, fooling themselves that Gaia is merely having a hissy fit and teaching those nasty capitalist institutions a long overdue lesson, I find myself brought down to my knees once more.

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Far from secure in the knowledge that I would be deemed worthy to be permitted to keep shuffling along, regardless of who or what will be the next temporal authority, it’s clear to me that I am in no state to offer anyone anywhere any advice of any kind.

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The cards stacked against me now are ominous and demoralising in such a way that since even the most innocent approximation of any carnal experience at all is being surgically removed from my life in such a brutal fashion, even to the extent that a mere massage therapy session to relieve an ever-increasing pain on the left hand side of my body which is growing colder and more rigid day by day, is no longer an option, let alone the prospect of any genuine or even procured professional comfort, I have no recourse at all but to try to adopt a would-be ascetic desert father approach and try to find my refuge in the spirit.

All the while knowing full well it cannot work. It won’t be allowed while I still draw breath..

In short, I won’t be doing much else apart from starving the flesh in a last ditch attempt to vanquish the bane of my life S. As my incredible former Editor used to say to me before any jaunt, ‘See you on the other side ..’

Deo Volente



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