What goes around, comes around.

When I first made my wayward move from the hustle as well as the bustle from North Sydney to this glorious seaside sanctuary, I found in O. and S. – who in my view have made the cafe at the local Wambie surf life savers such a haven to all and sundry – two people who, once they understood the reason why in-between the regular morning punters quite often this dishevelled dude would come staggering in and stammer-stutter his brekkie order, made me feel my headlong house move might actually in the long-run prove to have been something of a stroke of luck.

This, after all, was at a time when so many things for me were still hanging in the balance, while despair, depression, dread – in addition to my alliteration allocation – were positively plentiful.

I won’t go sticking all the feathers they would deserve in their respective caps. They know what I mean. After all, so much can be said without the use of too many words …

But just like Sal & Co. cafe, my other local oasis on the other side of my Wolf’s Lair, this wonderfully hospitable pair of hosts are bound to start feeling the impact of the Wuhan virus before long.

So let’s not forget our local faves. I, for one, have come to adore our Aussie cafe culture. Let’s make sure we turn up to take-away or else decide to dial for delivery.

You know it makes sense …



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