Dawning of the age of thinking laterally

.. or how about some of these (s)experts try thinking outside of the box for a bloody change?

Not being funny but how helpful really are these poncy pundits pontificating on something that actually for quite a few people could be a tad more vital than just another side-issue worthy of not much more attention than a few giggly column inches at best?

Basically, what is being provided here amounts to not much more than: ‘Not a clue really. So far we think penetration doesn’t equal contamination but hey!? Your guess is as good as mine – even though I am supposed to be some kind of expert.

‘Why don’t you try avoiding any of that kissing malarkey and sticking to any regular partners you may find already lurking about somewhere in the place where you live?’

‘Or, if you absolutely cannot find any safe partners anywhere in the kitchen cupboards, or in that odd triangular storage room underneath the stairs or even in that drawer in which you seem to chuck all your rubber bands, used-up batteries and obsolete foreign coins, there’s always such wonderful new inventions you might want to give a go, such as … ahem …  video calling … international masturbation or even sexting?’

It’s enough to make you want to call Sting, well almost …



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