Will ‘She be right’?

Slept for an hour or two and just woke up to an Australia that suddenly feels very different. It’s been easy at times to almost forget about what’s going on elsewhere but no longer, I fear.
Yesterday my carer and I drove to the shops and T. at the newsagent’s had plastic’ed up, wearing long protective gloves and a full on industrial looking face mask.
Tried to have a chat but all through the day my speech was horrendous, and that just gets me down in such a desperate way. It’s so odd that while it seems the world has been caught napping in terms of the wildfire spreading of this thing, viewed from another angle – perhaps unknowingly – it seems we’ve been preparing for just this exact type of calamity for quite some time.
No longer is it unusual for people in a wide range of jobs to be working remotely at any rate, something the proliferation of mobile devices, the rollout of 5G and in Australia, the NBN fixed network will all underpin.
Also, unfortunately most societies around the world have long since noted a clear trend away from the concept of the larger actual community groups and large families to smaller families along with a gradual weakening of certain core elements which supported such resilient communal and filial ties.
In many countries one-person households – including increasing numbers of single young people – are fast becoming some kind of norm. The on-demand digital economy coupled with an almost pervasive familiarity with the virtual sense of community offered by social media, has made it far easier to indeed exist (I refuse to call this living) without having to venture too far outside in the big bad world.
As cafes have now closed down here, they are still allowed to trade providing take-away meals. And I’m still a bit slow on the uptake, I think, as the other day I saw my trusted Wamberal Surf Lifesavers cafe appear on my Menulog list of local outlets.
I felt pleased at first, thinking they must be branching out or expanding their business.
But this is of course just a way in which small businesses are trying to get by as we’re all set to start feeling the pinch penny-wise. So many worries and they seem to be mounting.
I think we haven’t seen the thing really kick off here and yes, once again, I am reminded that while I love and embrace our famous laid-back She’ll be right approach to life, the other side of that mindset coin could well see us in real strife before long, due at least in part to that half-conscious complacency. So let’s all just stick together by doing nothing of the sort ..

Not sure if government agencies are preparing any handy leaflets on how to go about those kind of intimate implications of the social isolation push.
Not everyone has the exact same type or collection of plates they’re frantically trying to keep spinning and, while for many the care and concern regarding their immediate families is obviously their first and foremost priority, for others living alone for whatever reason, even their pre-existing, albeit far from perfect methods of trying to have some kind of life as such, have been rendered impractical, ill-advised or even wholly out of bounds.
I am just going to try to steer clear of any tribal traps. Although I have a few very clear ideas about where we all might be heading with this thing, I will be making a conscious effort to get along, build bridges – to make peace wherever possible. Well, perhaps not with Big Dairy just yet, I’ll be trying to buy the full-priced milk for as long as I can, although of course …






4 thoughts on “Will ‘She be right’?

  1. Goed geschreven oom! Je slaat de spijker op z’n kop..! Het is een vreemde tijd nu. Hopelijk passeert dit snel. Take care x

  2. You could’nt say iT clearer. The time of thinking of Corona as far from my bed show is behind us. Listen to the warnings, and follow them. But don’t stop loving and caring for eachother…… family and neigboures.

    1. Yes, I am afraid our PM assumed most people could be relied upon to be responsible. Not so, apparently. I think they couldn’t believe Bondi Beach being packed as if nothing was happening at all..

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