Strange Days

Of course, I have much more to say on the whole viral conundrum but for now, keep it simple & keep it local perhaps?

If nothing else, although it seems like the ultimate post-modern Me-generation type crisis where, bizarrely but in terms of Zeitgeist itself so incredibly appropriately, the advice is not to band together but rather to find a solitary ice floe on which to drift off into one’s own preferred isolation oblivion.

But, I promised to keep it simple and local. Later more thoughts on previous comments made by Gaianistic luminaries such as Bill Gates and David Attenborough along the lines of how beneficial it would be for Mother Earth and the UN’s blueprint for supra-national hegemony, should She shed a large swathe of those pesky bipeds once and for all.


I love this kind of Direct Action:

FireShot Capture 029 - Facebook - www.facebook.com


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