Don’t Panic!

Since writing this blog post and having learnt first hand from family and friends in Europe some of the extent to which the spread of the Crown virus has started to wreak havoc, I do of course express my support generally and prayers for those afflicted and those who have lost loved-ones – my attempt at acerbic wit notwithstanding.


Well, well. Turns out we’ll all be living in interesting times. Love how the media makes a big deal out of the media hype around this heart/crown/coronary virus..

I’m not one for silly hysterical doom scenarios, I leave that to the AlGoreans and the neo-Marxist wealth redistributors trying to safeguard the future …. of their own global warmening powered local government contracts, university tenure lecture positions and so on..

Remember when the concept of higher education included as a given the freedom to express, explore and critique any and every kind of idea? Sadly, these days the word college – as our North American friends call it – serves merely as a new definition of the opposite of diversity.

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But I did sit up straight when I saw the US President take a departure from his usual self-righteous posturing, last year I think it was when he sold the Kurds down the river and opened the gates of the road to Zion for the forces of Gog and Magog.

This road-map itinerary also features a brief stop-over at a valley called Harmageddon or something. It was quite uncanny, though, as I detected in his normally so brazen and puffed-up persona and arrogant boastful voice a genuine fearful trembling.

As if his hand had been forced and some part of him realised what he had set in motion. What’s in a name? I ask as President Herald perhaps trumpeted a certain phase of a certain little bestseller or shall we say cliffhanger?


Still, no need to panic until they tell you the twelve tribes have all returned and work on the new Temple has started.

Let’s hope this funny old virus scare runs its course pretty fast and a vaccine is developed.

After all, we’ve seen major influenza scares as well. However, do take note when you see the crisis worsen until there is general panic and true global mayhem.

Then, if from an unlikely source, some proverbial bright spark all of a sudden takes the stage with a mock-miraculous solution presented with a spectacular light show to bedazzle the gullible and the secular, (a solution which accidentally will necessitate a global unified response, some kind of global supra-national oversight and authority) you know we might be in for a bit of a rocky ride.

Still no need to fret, I suppose. And yes, by all means dismiss this post as another one of my funny turns. I promise to take my meds (including a Bex) and have a lie-down.

Perhaps just regard this as a kind service to those post-Christian chums who may not ‘have got the memo.. ‘

It could be time to stock up on your Gautama dolls, your dream catchers, your signed copies of The Selfish Gene or your Runic alphabet soup.

Have a great weekend,


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