Calming down big time

Just one last recycled story ++

Returned home to a warm Wamberal embrace after yet some more rollercoaster days, with having to ditch my black beamer and following a temporary lifting of my spirits when, for a moment it seemed as though at long last I’d found a way forward in terms of tackling a persistent poisoned chalice related to some obscure nefarious side effects of the PD meds.

It does seem a bit of a fool’s errand trying to rein in my runaway libido and channel that surplus energy into some more acceptable or feasible approach or ways to manage this dubious silver YOPD lining.

For a split second, I believed I’d stumbled upon a method that could one day produce a worthwhile record of the inevitable premature decline of this tempestuous prowess.

Yet before long, sober every day life cares and troubles returned to the fore once again.

Probably for the best, I have no idea how to describe this conundrum in a reasonable manner that doesn’t put people off.

However, you can’t please all the sheilas all the time.

Believe me, I’ve tried.

Not really ..

Appointment later today with new Procto about upcoming colonoscopy.

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